Random Am I

Random is my middle name.... or at least it should be. I figured that since I have a lot of random things to say, I need a place to proclaim the randomness, and an audience to see how random the world is ... or at least should be.



After posting a little blog on the wife's blog, I felt like I could at least update one a week with my randomness.... since a lot of random thoughts come to me.... and so I start my own blog. Enjoy.

Here is the blog I posted on my wife's site that made me what to start my own blog:


Since the Wife is away in LA, here's what us boys did tonight....

"Look Bosco, Wifey is gone! Time to have some fun"

"What to do first? Oh yea! Get my favorite ol'-ratty-perfect-fitting-wifey-hates-passionately shirt out and wear it for the next 24 hours!"

"That's what I'm talkin' 'bout Willis!"

"First dessert .... then dinner. Wifey should of hid the leftover Halloween treats!"

"The two-handed Reese's cup SLAM!"


"Bosco wants some!"


"Down and Dirty"


"Time for Second dessert!"

"Bosco is going head-first into dinner"

"Yeah, so I always see the Wife taking photos of her breakfast / lunch / dinner, and sharing it with everyone, so I'll just share with you my "Boys-Night Dinner".

- 1 Pepperoni Lean-Pocket
- add some Garlic Salt, Red Pepper, Ground Cinnamon, Chili Powder, and Rendezvous' Famous Seasoning
- add a pinch of "Ingredient X"
- use fist to tenderize Lean Pocket and mix ingredients in bowl
- microwave 2 mins

"Brussel Sprouts?!?!? DOUBT IT!"

"Drinking Concert!! ..... but Bosco won"

"Then Bosco and I had after-dinner PET-i-cures!"

"Time to clean up"

"Had some chocolate in my nose-hole"


"No Guys-Night is complete without SPORTS!"

"Then after all the sugar rush had worn off.... PASS OUT ON THE COUCH!"

Well, it's been fun. We laugh, we didn't cry (esp. since Bosco can't cry ... just like Chuck Norris), we did do pet-i-cures, ate some junk food, and fell asleep watching sports. Sounds like the perfect "Guys Night" .... minus the pet-i-cure thingy.

7 Random Replies:

bobbi said...

love the cute blog hubby!!! And I think you ment "how random the world is"....love you!

runningwithfood.com said...

This is hysterical ... now I know what husbands REALLY do when the wife's are away!! Hahaha! Thanks for letting us in our your little secret! :)

Christina Medina said...

This is like the 5th time I have read this post and I still laugh out loud each time! lol

Melissa said...

This totally cracked me up!!

SuzanneRN said...

hahaha hysterical!

jon said...

And your point, wifey? This is normal guy behavior. In fact it is the blueprint and training manual for guy behavior.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! Love it!!!!!